FlixCapTM – The new cap for liquid board carton brands.

Our new lightweight snap-on cap is called FlixCap™. It flips and it clicks. A single-handed operated cap is a perfect solution for non-carbonated drinks. It improves the consumer’s actual usage experience, plus lifestyle perceptions, with its user-friendly quick open and reclose. The tamper-evident break-bridges feature delivers two usage cues, a visual and an audible proof. Then the opened cap stays in an auto-fixed open position during product serving. On consumer reclosing a further audio cue is delivered confirming a completely tight package when reclosed. Again, both technical and consumer needs are met.

The FlixCap™ spout and lid elements are made from the same LDPE material ensuring production and technical benefits, extending this advantage to recyclers. Sources for the LDPE can be both bio-based and traditional.

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