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We live in a period of time where more and more consumers and producers are looking for sustainable solutions.

Modulpac wants to contribute to a circular society by being able to offer plastics that are not only virgin and fossil-based. Modulpac already produce products in bioplastics and high-quality alternative plastics for use in food and chemical technical industries.

The upcoming packaging directive means that recycled plastic in our products will increase through obligations and directives. At the same time, many of our customers have already taken the initiative to reduce their carbon footprint, which means that we have products in alternative materials on the national and international markets.

Where to start? We will help you.

Are you interested in a life cycle analysis to compare the climate footprint between different materials. In that way you´ll be able to see how you can reduce your environmental impact. Or just have samples sent to you - please contact us at Modulpac. We work with a large number of distributors and producers around Europe, which gives us a broad portfolio of materials. Here is a brief overview of Modulpac's sustainable plastics:

Recycled plastics


PCR (Post Consumer Recycling) is a process where plastic waste that has been used by consumers is collected, washed and recycled so that new products can be produced.


All PCR material has physical and visual variations to varying degrees, where differences between purchased batches may occur. There may also be an odour when using PCR, which increases depending on the percentage used.


The natural opacity tends to mask the colour shades but it's still there. To reduce colour variations, Masterbatch can be used.



Biobased plastics



Bio-based plastics are produced with renewable raw materials, for example pine/tall oil or cooking oil.

Bio-based plastics have the same properties and versatility in terms of areas of application and recyclability as a conventional plastic and therefore approved for being in contact with food.


 ISCC+ certification

Today's consumers can find a whole range of sustainability claims about a product's packaging and contents. But how can they be sure that the product in their hands is sustainable for real? The answer is a acredited certification.

ISCC+ certification is a step in Modulpac's commitment to be able to provide sustainable solutions to our customers. ISCC's certification system requires strict traceability and deforestation-free supply chains verified by independent third-party auditors. ISCC+ enables us to deliver sustainable plastics according to the mass balance principle.

Mass balance is a way to facilitate the use of bio-based raw materials. With the mass balance principle, part of the fossil raw material is replaced with renewable raw material in the manufacturing of the plastics. When you as a customer choose certified plastic in your products, you contribute to a circular economy. Read more at ISCC System – Solutions for sustainable and deforestation free supply chains (

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