In addition to giving your product a unique look in terms of shape and colour, we can help you giving it a more distinct profile in a number of ways.


Printed detailsadd that little extra touch to your product. An elegant and professional graphic design helps your product or product line convey precisely what you want. The printing catches the eye of a presumptive user, thus using your product to convey your message. We use several different methods:

IML or In-Mould-Labelling is a method for labelling your products while they are being manufactured. A robot places the labels in the mould and keeps it in place using electrostatic electricity. When the material is injected, the label fuses with the product.

IML labels are printed in high quality using several different printing methods, and give your products a personal and professional appearance. We do not produce the label in-house, but we can assist you with this as we work closely with several printing plants. The label is made from the same material as the product itself, making recycling easy.

Pad printing is a method in which a rubber pad picks the dye from a block and prints the image on, for example, a cap. The softness of the rubber produces very good results on uneven surfaces. We can print a logo on caps that display your brand when only the top of the bottles are visible in stores. This makes for instant recognition of your product.

Labelling is yet another option of using printing to present your message. We have several labelling machines and are happy to help you apply labels.


If you have questions about the possibilities for your specific product, please feel free to contact us.

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