24 mm - Disctop

Closure with cone sealing and a warranty tab


Modulpac have launched a new product to our assortment, a Disctop 24/410 mm with cone seal. 

The Disctop will be mat and available in several diffrent colours. The two different parts of the closure could be delivered in different colours.

Modulpac has developed the warranty tab which ensures that the closure will stay unopened during the filling process and transports.

The Disctop will be produced with threads to be attached onto the bottle. Later on we will introduce a Disctop with a push-on function to meet the new EU-standards and directives.

Are you intrested in this product, please fill in the interest report or contact our sales department.

Size/Diameter:24 mm
Other information:Cone
Child resistant:No
Spray insert:No
Weight/Detail:4,7 gram
Pcs/Box:2 200 pcs
Pcs/Pallet:61 600 pcs
Box/Pallet:28 pcs
MOQ:Half pallet
Colour:Standard colours



Standard colours: White, Lightblue, Darkblue, Green, Red, Yellow & Black

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