28 mm - Ropp Closure

Closure With Spray Insert


28 mm Ropp Closure with spray insert. Pilfer proof ring remains on the bottle after opening.

We manufacture this closure in various plastic materials. Contact us for more information.

This cap is available in 7 different standard colors (see more under specifications).

Are you interested in having this product in other special colors? Fill in your interest report and we will help you find a matching color.

Type:Ropp cap with spray insert
Size/Diameter:28 mm
Other Information:Spray insert, 22,3 mm
Child Resistant:No
Spray Insert:No
Pcs/Box:2 500  pcs 
Pcs/Pallet:50 000 pcs
Box/Pallet:20 pcs 
MOQ:½ Pallet
Colour:Standard colours


Standard colours: White, Lightblue, Darkblue, Green, Red, Yellow & Black

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