Summer 2022

Summer 2022

The summer and holidays are approaching!

We’re soon approaching the holiday season and it’s yet another year were it has been hard to grasp the situation in the world. However, it will be nice with some time off during the summer, to take time to rest and ”recharge the batteries” before the autumn.

2022 will also be a special year with a lot of challenges. A continued pandemic in the world and at the same time there is war in Europe. But we are keeping our fingers crossed that the pandemic situation keeps getting better and it will be peace in Europe very soon.

We would like to inform you that during the holiday period we will have limited capacity and we will also close our production during week 28-29. During these two weeks we will maintain our production facilities, machines and equipment. If you know that you will need deliveries in July / August, feel free to place the order as soon as possible, with the desired delivery date. We will try as hard as we can for you to get your products on time. The office will be open all summer, with limited staffing. All new orders we receive during weeks 28-29 will not be confirmed until week 30-31.

We would like to wish you a really nice summer and a wonderful holiday season. Greetings from Modulpac AB


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