PPWR – A brief summary of the new EU regulation.

PPWR – A brief summary of the new EU regulation.


In November 2022, the EU presented a proposal (PPWP – Packaging and Packaging Waste Proposal) to revise and replace/supplement the current "EU Packaging Directive." This proposal has since progressed to become a proposed regulation, PPWR (Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation).

The primary goal of PPWR is to counteract the increase in packaging waste, with the main objective being to reduce packaging waste in the EU by at least 15% by 2040 compared to 2018.

The regulation (PPWR) focuses on improving the recyclability of packaging, mandatory quotas for reusable packaging, and minimum content of recycled material in packaging. Similar to the existing directive, the new regulation requires online retailers and other companies to take responsibility for the disposal and recycling of packaging waste, in line with extended producer responsibility.

Unlike the current directive, a regulation is binding on all parts and applies directly and equally in all EU member states. It does not need to be transposed into national legislation but has a direct effect. This ensures uniform rules throughout the EU.

The legal text is not yet finalized, so much is still open. Last month (March 2024), the EU Council and Parliament reached a preliminary agreement on PPWR. The next step is for the regulation to be presented to the plenary of the EU Parliament at the end of April.

Currently, it seems that the EU packaging regulation PPWR could formally come into force by the end of 2024 or early 2025. Its application would begin with a transition period of 18 months.

Exactly how this new regulation will affect both the packaging industry and society at large is difficult to say, but it will certainly result in major changes for many companies/industries.

We at Modulpac will continue to monitor the developments throughout the year, including at Pack Point Nordic in Stockholm in April.



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