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Modulpac AB was sponsor for, and speaker at the Pack Point Nordic Conference in Stockholm held May 25, 2023. This year the conference attracted 170 delegates, 15 partner companies, including Modulpac AB, and also 19 speakers. The presentations focused on packaging circularity and recycling in accordance with the upcoming PPWR. The presentations pointed out the importance of recycling, new reusable packaging and designing packs for easier circulation and reduced climate impact.

The host of Pack Point Nordic, Per-Stefan Gersbo, Paccedo AB, interviewed our Packaging solutions manager Torkel Bergengren, who said: “The packaging waste in EU has increased 20% in the last 10 years, so we need to act and recycle materials. Reduce waste, prevent plastics pollution and reduce green-house gas emissions from packaging. We shall use smarter designs, minimize weights of packaging and design for recyclability and also use recycled materials when possible. We do see new recycling plants being built and an increased supply of recycled plastics and non-fossil plastics. The industry and the whole value chain is undergoing a major change for the better.”

Modulpac AB at Pack Point Nordic, here represented by Sales manager Marie Rosholm, Packaging solutions manager Torkel Bergengren and Quality manager Mikael Gunnarsson. On the table we can see the new Milk cap Flixcap, an innovative flip-cap solution for gable top cartons. Photo: Eva Norling Gersbo.


Torkel Bergengren and Per-Stefan Gersbo in a conversation on the new Packaging and Packaging waste regulation (PPWR).
Photo: Eva Norling Gersbo.


All 4 blocks in the conference were followed by panel discussions, also involving the 170 persons strong audience.
Photo: Eva Norling Gersbo.


Torkel seemed to be rather comfortable, but he also has 35 years of packaging experience.
Photo: Eva Norling Gersbo.



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