New detectable black plastic

New detectable black plastic


Modulpac have, in cooperation with Addvanze, developed a new masterbatch that contains a newly developed black pigment that enables us to detect our products according to NIR-technology.

The NIR technology, where optical sensors capture the reflection of light, is used to locate which materials that can be sortable and recycled. Companies that handle waste around Europe, such as Tomra, use this technology.

The problem with traditional colouring of black products with carbon black, which according to Tomra´s CEO Jürgen Priesters is found in 3-6 % of all today´s plastic packaging, is that this cannot be detected at the waste facilities, but in many cases these packages are burnt up instead.[1]

Now when this new formulation has been tested with good results at Tomra´s waste sorting center in Mühlheim-Kärlich, Modulpac leads the way to help make sorting and recycling more efficient.


Please contact us for more information regarding this pigment or about the test itself.




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