New 24 mm Flip Top

New 24 mm Flip Top


243FT - 24 mm glossy flip top with 3 mm orifice


During 2021 Modulpac will launch a new 24 mm flip top.​

This new flip top cap will be available in a glossy design with a 3 mm orifice. This new cap will expand our current range for the flip top caps, were we already have caps in the sizes 22, 28 and 33 mm in our range.
We have seen an increase in recent years demand for 24 mm flip top caps and we have now invested in new equipment to be able to offer this size too. 

Our new flip top is a very usefull and flexible cap that fits well into all the four segments that we work with: chemical-technical, cosmetic, food and pharmaceuticals.  

243FT                  2 300 pcs *         64 400 pcs *


Item ID: 8240006
Pitch: 24/410
Material: PPH
Colours: Standard

* This quantity is estimated, please contact sales for more information.



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