Modulpac AB invests in a solar park

Modulpac AB invests in a solar park

Solar Park – Western factory

Modulpac is taking a large step to become a more sustainable company by investing for the future. During spring 2023, the board gave its approval to invest in a solar park. During autumn 2023 we have started the construction and when finished, it will cover an area of approximately 7 000m2, with a capacity of almost 500 000 kWh/year. About 1 240 solar panels will be mounted on the ground near by our western factory, see picture below. The solar park will cover a significant part of our yearly energy consumption.

“The investment in solar panels is a part of our sustainability work to decrease our climate foot print. Except the production of our own renewable energy, for example we also reuse the cooling water from our moulding process to heat up the facilities and different measures to prevent material loss in our production. The solar panels will be up and running by April 2024.”

-Malin Ewers, sustainability manager at Modulpac.



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